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Gabe Sanders, PhD, CSCS

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Burlington, KY

Sport Performance Analytics and Statistics

Sports Science

High performance analysis consulting focused on wearable technology and athlete monitoring. 

About All-In Strength

All-In Strength is a consulting service designed to strengthen sports science programs via sound research and proper data analysis. The primary goal for any sports science program, regardless of available technology, is to enhance athletic performance while keeping athletes safe and ready to perform.

Applicable Results

Data conclusions should be straight forward, simple to understand, and more importantly, applicable. Understanding your big picture data will enhance your day-to-day operations and periodization structure.

Research Design and High Performance Analytics

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Technology Researched or Data Analyzed

  • NordBord

  • Velocity-Based Technology

  • Jump Mats

  • VX Sport

  • Vert Jump Monitors

  • Parvo Medics/COSMED VO2 Analyzer

  • Raw Accelerometer Data

  • Fatigue Science Readibands

  • RPE and Survey Data

  • Catapult Sports

  • Polar Team Pro/Wrist-Worn Wearables

  • Zebra Sports Solutions

  • MuscleSound

  • ForceDecks

  • HawkinDynamics Force Plate

  • Bod Pod

  • Wingate Tests

  • Sleep Data

Key Performance Indicators

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Customized analytics and presentations help teams identify KPIs from performance, wearable, and questionnaire data to optimize athletic performance on a daily basis. Customized dashboards and data reports help coaches easily understand their athletes workloads. 

Integrated Statistics

Utilizing different statistical analyses, data is broken down to help coaches understand their wearable and performance data so they can alter or enhance their training and practice periodization models. We code, process, and analyze athlete performance data to with the end goal of helping coaches win.

Data Structuring and Statistical Methods

  1. Comparison analyses

  2. Mixed-model analyses

  3. Predictive analyses

  4. Comprehensive historical data analytics and breakdowns

  5. Periodization analyses

  6. Correlational analyses

  7. Dual Outcome (Binary) analysis

  8. Max Workload Ranges