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How It Works

High school strength, speed and conditioning programs.

How The Strength System Works

  1. Enter an athlete's name and 1RM Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Power Clean.

  2. Individualized training loads are automatically calculated for each exercise with pictures for 10 weeks.

  3. Simply print the 10-week workout or save it to your phone.

  4. Each program is a year-round system for all of your athletes.

Programs Include

Pictures demonstrate each exercise with individual training loads for each athlete

Pictures demonstrate each exercise with individual training loads for each athlete

  1. 10-week Base Strength Cycle Template

  2. 10-week Max Strength Cycle Template

  3. 10-week Pre-Season Strength Cycle Template

  4. 13-week In-Season Strength Cycle Template

  5. Warm-up with a focus on hip mobility, ACL strengthening, and shoulder stability

  6. Speed, agility, and conditioning manual with diagrams

  7. 10-week sport-specific Off-season conditioning schedule

  8. 10-week sport-specific Preseason conditioning schedule

  9. 10-week speed system

  10. 1-RM conversion chart

  11. Initial baseline testing protocol

Facility Requirements:

All-In Strength programs require basic exercise equipment to improve functional strength. Programs require the following strength equipment:

  1. Barbells and weight plates

  2. Benches

  3. Squat racks and/or platforms

  4. Dumbbells

  5. Pull-up Bars

Training Approach

Periodization Chart.png

Base Strength Off-Season

The Base Strength Off-Season training cycle will prepare athletes for higher intensity work in the weeks and months to come. The purpose of this training cycle is to focus on a higher volume of work aimed to increase muscle hypertrophy and set the foundation for the entire training year. For many athletes, an aerobic conditioning foundation should begin during this phase.

Max Strength Off-Season

The Max Strength Off-Season training cycle ramps up the intensity of the workouts to truly maximize muscular strength and power. The weight, repetition and set schemes are designed to develop muscular force and strength throughout the training cycle. The speed system corresponds to this training cycle and is a perfect transition to pre-season training. 


The Pre-Season training cycle is designed to continue the athlete’s strength and power trajectory while also progressively increasing the aerobic and anaerobic conditioning through a series of strategic conditioning plans. By design, the overall volume of strength work is slightly reduced to allow for an effective, sport-specific conditioning program.


The In-Season training cycle is designed to reduce the overall volume of work while keeping the intensity rather high to maintain or if possible increase strength throughout a competitive season. To maximally perform during the season, your athletes must be fully recovered. Therefore, strength training three or four days in addition to practice and competition will be counterproductive for your athletes, which is why we stick to two days of in-season strength training.

Sport-Specific Programs:

  1. Football (3-day)

  2. Volleyball (3-day)

  3. Basketball (3-day)

  4. Soccer (3-day)

  5. Baseball/Softball (3-day)

  6. Lacrosse (3-day)

Computer Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer for PC and Windows based computers. Enabling the "Macro" function on all strength templates is needed to utilize the "Print" function. Programs include directions to open your workout on your cell phone. 

Beginner Strength Recommendations

Any athlete can participate in and use All-In Strength programs. However, the calculated training loads are most ideal for athletes that can Bench, Squat, and Deadlift a minimum of 100 pounds for each exercise.