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If you have any questions regarding an All-In Strength program, please contact us. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible. Thank you.

Gabe Sanders, PhD, CSCS

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Burlington, KY

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Is there an annual fee?

There is no annual fee. Once you or your school district buys the program, its yours! We do roll out a new program every year and you always have the opportunity to adopt the new program at a discounted rate if you are already using our system. 

Do I have to update the program weekly?

No, once you enter an athlete's name and 1RM then print, you do not need to do any work for 10 more weeks. Our strength, speed, and conditioning cycles are programmed for 10 weeks at a time. 

Will my athletes lift the same exercises each day?

No, each day is different and each week is different. Training the same muscle groups with the same exercises every day is counterproductive and unhealthy. We implemented a wide variety of exercises throughout our training cycles to help keep your athletes enaged. 

How many athletes will the program hold?

Unlimited! Since there are no monthly or annual fees, the program is capable of creating workout cards with individual training loads for every athlete on your team or at your school. 

What if we are on a four or five day training schedule?

While our strength program is a 3-day program, you can easily adjust the recommended speed, agility, and conditioning regimens to fit your training schedule.